Consequences of Sexting

Sexting can start by a dirty message between 2 people or even more, sexting means to sexually send someone an obscene and explocit photo or video via cell phones in social medias like Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp, and kik and many other types of social media.
Sexting is not safe because in social medias you might receive a “friend” request from someone that you do not know and that request might be from some type of rapist which rapes teenagers by first meeting them via cellphones and social medias.

Pornography consequences 

Once you get to watch porn constantly then pornography will be an addiction to your brain and you by making you want to watch it every time and also it will get to a point that your brain will ask you for it. Another consequences can be fear to meeting a woman in real life, erectile dysfunction, unrealistic sexual expectations and thinkings, start to like extreme perverted sexual tastes, and you will feel guilty or ashamed of watching porn since watching porn is a sin.

Pornography can be mentally addictive to people who watches it every day and it also affects your mobile device like tablets, computers etc.

Consequences of sexting:

Talking, sending or receiving sexual images of a minor in your mobile devices is illegal, you can get charged with a criminal offense if you have sexual images of a 18 years old or younger even if you delete it from your mobile devices.

Once you send something through internet you can’t get it back imagine how can this affect you by getting a job and how will people see you as a person and what they will think about you.

Remember that almost everything you send via internet might become public, Imagine how easy it is to forward a photo or message, it will take you less than fifteen seconds before it gets viral. Imagine how the receiver of the text would feel when he or she would be known as the girl or bow who did sexting and in the future good companies might want you to be in their business but when they check your curriculum they will see that you did sexting.

Pornography effects:
Pornography graph

Sexting graph:

Sexting effects consequences 

  • Depression
  • Photos can get viral
  • Anxiety 
  • Suicide

Pornography effects and consequences 

Changes your perception of sexuality and how to live it healthy
References (sexting graph) (pornography table)

Porn Addiction Side Effects and How to Quit Porn

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